Reviews for "Tomb Defender"

i don't like this 1

3 for effort

I agree with Crimsononic

And to add one more thing, the loading between each level was really annoying. It felt like I was loading the whole game again and again. It needs a lot of work to get better, but it sure has its good points. Art work was really nice, but it just cant compensate for the rest. A combo system would be much better, maybe a different one for each weapon, also the improvement of the shop, the spells are really lame, dont help that much, so new itens could give it a boost. And the itens dont last so long on the floor, maybe giving them a little more time or just let them stay there.

not bad

Not bad at all,but there are some little things worth fixing,it could be an awesome game


this is an ok game that needs an update. there needs to be a type of leveling system and a better system of power-ups. spawn points should either come from one direction or helpers need to be a purchasable idea


It's a fun little game for a few minutes but it just gets repetitive after awhile. The graphics were nice and all but, as some have said, the lag is just horrible, I found myself freezing up through the entire game, and most of the time I couldn't get past day 4 or 5 without it freezing on the loading page. Since I enjoy collecting medals I pushed through the lag and ended up beating the game not just once but three times, every time the medal for killing the boss never popped up, not even on the game screen, like it would show it in the menu achievements but the medal itself never showed. Oh well, I am done with it.