Reviews for "Tomb Defender"

great game

Its really fun to play this game

think outside the box

lol i like the instrustions screen. just got a few things to say.
1).you don't need a shop with weapons if the enemies drop them.
2).the reason why you get little money is so that the game doesnt get too easy cuse you would have a lot of powerups.
3).Think before you use a powerup(like move away and use it while they follow you)
4).its a game with like 7 levels, of course its going to get hard after some levels
other then that its a really nice defending game

I agree with Cauterised

Not much excitement feels like legendary in halo...


Boring gameplay, honestly. The powerups were mostly useless since I couldn't move around, the shop was a total joke, and it just got too hard too fast. I'm not against a challenge, but games that don't give you much of a chance just aren't fun. Games should be fun.

Its ok I guess

But needs a better shop, i was expecting weapons and stuff to be sold.