Reviews for "Tomb Defender"

Greate game !!!

Great game, but I dont understande some phrase of assistant


everything was great cept the game lacked where it mattered the most... gameplay depth..

it got old really quickly..


Someone finally made me buy a flash game. It's awesome! I wish just it had more RPG aspects such as levels and abilities. But great anyway!


A really well designed game! I love the fluid animations and quirky sound effects. It had a real humorous tone to it. The music was great and the visuals were all very appealing. I found the game itself to be very difficult. Maybe I just suck, but I think upgrades would have been more useful than items. You are forced to stand still quite often, and sometimes you can't avoid attacks, especially with the sword-dudes on level 3.

All in all a great game, just like a little too difficult for me. ^^'

medals dont show up or give points

i dont really like it, interesting concept, but i would've liked for the medals to have worked. "dracula' looks more like a mummy, it doesnt make much sense