Reviews for "Tomb Defender"

Your good at making games.

But this one is just awful, no matter who you are. I got to level 2 and wanted to go back to my homework for entertainment.

Artwork is very nice, but beyond that its push space, use the useless spells, and go to the shop that only sells the three spells you start with. You don't keep your weapon from the previous level, and even if you did your constantly switching. First I get a cleaver, sweet. Then It's traded for a mallet, OK upgrade. Then I pick up the same fucking cleaver as before for some reason. But that's not even why it's annoying, it's because you HAVE to pick it up. If you run near it you equip it for good, until the next weapon comes into play. The only way to not juggle mallets and cleavers while fighting lame enemies is to not go near the thing. So it's a road block, especially towards the money that spawns an inch away from it. No worries though, the game thought of that. See, the shop sucks just as bad as the weapon system, so it's hard to feel disappointed after playing one level of the game.

Genre: Hack & Slash

Game play: 00/50

Art: 06/20

Music: 06/20

Originality: 01/10

TOTAL SCORE: 13/100 - 1/10 - 0/5

were is my money

i complete my job. i want my reward dracula


funny concept but execution wise it was just "that will do"
good for a flash game but i wasnt like"wow this is awesome"
but it was still fun

yeah not bad but ...

first i was like : WOHAA SWEEET !!! THIS LOOKS AWESOME !!!!

but then i was like : meh ... this is boring as shit .... :(

still get a 5/10 for the nice graphic

Keyboard Setting

Hey, the game is quite fun but is there any chance to change controlls? Because I am from Europe and we use different keyboards. Your "Z" key is "swapped" with our "Y"-Key.

Alternatively you can give the Y-Key the same effect like the Z-key.