Reviews for "DN8"

Really great game, by far.

I have only made it onto the 2nd to last level, but it's my first try.
This game is really challenging for me, mainly because sometimes the Blue bullets just dissapear. It's not a glitch.

"Totally okay, not that hard btw."

Huzzah! It's really an enjoyable game, wish I got it all in recording. Ya' know to hear what I said while I was traversing through the game.

-Your hit-detection doesn't apply on enemy ships, but I guess that was the point.
-Pods take off a lot of the dakka(bullets) away. Kinda overpowered, but still I think that was what your going for.
-Some attack patterns where either too easy or not trying to kill you at all. There were times in the boss battles in which I didn't move at all. Seriously, I JUST LET GO OF THE MOUSE and let the boss shoot hopelessly and eventually I win.
-There was this one boss I gained a lot of lives on, the one that shot a beam of bullets. Seriously, when I was on my last life-- then suddenly I get 6 lives, at the end of the battle, I have accumulated 14 lives. On the boss rush, it appeared again and I manage to reach 30 lives.
-The final boss isn't much of a final boss of a bullet hell shooter. It felt more of a rehash of some other boss with added large shots. It felt generic and I felt there was going to be one last fight, but I was disappointed.

Oh well. This felt very factory-made a.k.a. generic although it's quality work, good job anyway.


This was really hard, and really fun. So many bullets! YEAAAH!!! :)


It may not be anything new, but it's still an awesome game to play. The music can get somewhat annoying after awhile, but I like the style. I hope to see a sequel in the future! Maybe even a challenge mode with no mutations?

Just... OK

Well, it was ok. But anyway, mu-u-uch easier than Touhou ^_^