Reviews for "DN8"

W. O. W.

Now, I tell you, it takes a lot to impress me. When I opened this (after having my expectations risen by Blastral, too), I expected this to be a cheap straight-liner.
I couldn't have been more wrong. After playing this, I was sure that my mind had been blown out. You have earned my official seal of approval.
Also, my favorite boss is the one with spiral waves and random big bullets. Especially the multi-boss one. The pattern is beautiful.

Squize responds:

Thanks mate, it's great that people are still stumbling across it and enjoying it.

Achievements dont work

but i still LOVED it


Bullet Hell anyone? I could easily tell that this game was greatly inspired by mony of the earlier bullet shooter games, and I got to tell you, it is just amazing. I love this game. Music is well selected, backgrounds are dynamically wicked, and the effects are extremely ell done. Nice work.

great Hell shotter

i don't normally give 10/10 but i love hell shotters and that was is great reminds me of Space Invaders IG

Great Game, TONS OF FUN.

I can tell RIGHT fron the get-go that this game was HEAVILY influenced by Space Invaders IG in the xbox live arcade and elsewhere. That being said, it contains many more classic bullet-hell dynamics, and it AMAZING to play. Loads of fun! :D

Squize responds:

Yeah, also the Galaga reboot on XBLA, with hints of Outrun and even R-Type.

Glad you liked it mate, and glad you didn't see the lack of originality as like eating glass, which some people do.