Reviews for "DN8"

Good but...

shits got nothing on TouHou

Change the Backgrounds.

Overall, this is great. not overly hard, fun to play. Until you get the the backgrounds.
Those to be honest, are annoying. It's hard to see any of the enemy lines, and the 15th level espcially was really bad, as i felt ill just looking at it moving.
Fix the backgrounds! Then i can finish the game.


2.5/5. For a bullet hell, where the only way to get lives is grazing, but then you get rammed by other ships, and you have "defensive" drones that destroy the bullets, it dosn't make grazing too easy. Would like to see boss health bars, and description of every mutation at the start, so you can choose which way you would like to go. Backgrounds were annoying, and meaningless, music wasnt the greatest, and i couldnt find a mute button. One of the bosses, the one that shoots three lines of red beams, is just free lives, and makes the last levels super easy. (side note) For anyone saying its too hard, its not that hard, just annoying.


A lot of fun. It feels a lot like Space Invaders Infinity Gene, not that that's a problem. Great game, but I didn't like how you can't go back to choose a different route if you died. I don't know if you can choose what route you play freely after you die because I haven't finished the game. Which brings me to my next point. Maybe if there were more levels, you could make this more fluid, but there are some difficulty spikes here and there. But the game is great and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Oh holy lord and jezus.

We might, just might, have the best arcade shooter ever created by human hands.

Bravo sir. hats off to you.