Reviews for "DN8"


For about a couple of months now, I've been wanting to play a bullet hell game. Heck, I've never played one until I clicked the link to this game. When I started playing, it felt like a walk in the park. However, as I got further into the game it got harder and harder. Then, I was like "OMG WTF I'M GETTING RAPED BY INSANE ENEMY FIRE NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA!!!!". But yet I loved it. The upgrade system is awesome, the controls are responsive (I like how you only have to use the mouse to control your ship), the music is bad ass and the evolution theme fits in well with the game. I would definetly like a sequel (although if you do make one, at least try to make it more awesome that this game). Over all, I give this game a ten out of ten.



great game

great game, and chaosdrakath, you do realize that dodging bullets is the entire point of bullet hell...

a clever and addictive game

you see its little things like using the dissorienting background and loud music to add to the difficulty that i love about this game! but the only reason that this got a nine was because only a few minutes into the game it becomes more about dodging bullets and somehow still end up destroying almost all of the ships coming at you. im looking forward to more games by this artist and more games of this genre. good game all in all 5/5 9/10

Simple Things Can Be Mindblowing

Such as the realization that the little colored arcs weren't background decoration, but giving you a heads up on the path enemy ships will be taking. Very nice.

Of course, one nitpicky problem is that there is no back button if you click the wrong level like some kind of moron... Such as me... God I'm so ashamed (fortunately, pod spiral shots worked out just fine).

I owe those side pods blocking shots my multiple lives. My only game over was because I got greedy trying to get scratches from huge clusters that could blast away all my shields at once... And I kept doing it.

As for all the people talking about 'open up the screen', I've never played any of the "Real" bullet hells so maybe it's more important in those? Screen size was fine to me, but then I'm way to paranoid about where ships normally come from in shooters to ever go to the TOP of the screen. Though, there were a few times I wished my RedRum and Shield bars were not blocking my view when hanging out at the bottom of the screen.

Of course, the fact I don't play any of those "Real" Bullet hells are probably why I felt the difficulty was just right. Enough to make me pay attention and hold a healthy respect for the bullets I'm trying to mooch extra lives off of, but not enough to make me want to stop playing after a 10 minute long seizure inducing bossfight.

Squize responds:

Love your review ( And not just 'cause of the 10 ), thank you mate.
This game was always targeted at players who kinda like the look of bullet hell shooters, but are put off because they're just mentally difficult.

To know I've got it right for you makes me feel I've got it right for a lot more players, and that's what its all about. Giving people 15 mins of mindless shooting fun.