Reviews for "DN8"


While admittedly, most of your concepts here are nothing new, originality is unimportant next to fun, and good lord, DN8 is fun. It begins simple, but GRADUALLY becomes more difficult - a nice touch, compared to the difficulty spikes common with Bullet Hell.

The "evolution" aspect is handled very well; each selectable adaptation gives you a distinct advantage that the other choice does not, and I more than once found myself thinking "oh, I should have picked that one instead." The boss fights are hard at first, but the true extraordinary challenge they provide at the end of the game must be seen to be believed. Although, I have to say, the procedurally generated music and enemies, while a cool idea, aren't particularly interesting to see or hear.

Congratulations, friend. Unlike SOME reviewers on here, I'm giving you a 10/10 because I truly feel you've earned it.

Squize responds:

Thanks man.

I'm the first to admit it's not the most original game in the world, there are lots of influences ( OutRun being one of them, which no one has picked up on yet ).
People do like pointing out the influences though, I've never understood why not being a 100% original in some way detracts from it being a fun game or not.

And rant over :)

Good looking and fun game

The only things are that the bosses(?) that shoot the straight beams of bullets are really easy to exploit for extra lives, and i thought the shield upgrade was much more useful than the double fire alternative. but that might just be me bad at dodging
great game!

Kudos on an enjoyable game

I am happy to see that the grazing doesn't give you points, because at one point I sat my ship there, went off to eat peanuts, and all I could hear coming from the speakers is: "...extra life, extra life, extra life, life lost, extra life, extra life, extra life, extra life, life lost, life lost, extra life..."

Kudos on a smart move =]

Reminds me of...

... that game you play in "No More Heroes" on the subway.


simply addicting, a simple concept but i can play all day :D