Reviews for "DN8"

Game that goes right into the action!

This have been see many times.. but it doesnt matter cause this is good game!! Controlling is very sensitive but easy. This game looks pretty too!

Simple game, nice graphics with techno music

This game is easy to play, easy to enjoy the graphics and easy to get in to while listening to the techno beat. Fun and simple game.


This game is shockingly close to be Space Invaders: Infinity Gene. :/

Squize responds:

Not that shocking really mate, between just you and I, I stole loads of ideas from it. Our secret ok ?


For a "Bullet Hell" game, I didnt see many bullets.. and this is a blatant rip-off of that space invaders game which came out in the playstation store...

Squize responds:

Blatant rip offs are the worst aren't they ?
btw, good luck with your Megaman clone, I'm really looking forward to it, perhaps call it Megaman:Irony ?
Ha, just joking mate. I'm not looking forward to it all. x


bloody hard but possible. really fun but the crazy difficulty lets the game down