Reviews for "DN8"

I like this Bullet Hell. Although the bosses' patterns were rather generic, it became a fun challenge by the combining of two bosses at the same time.
While somewhat challenging, it wasn't too hard. I liked how the upgrades gave you some freedom to test new styles.

The only things I can complain about are the use of 3D backgrounds with a 2D surface - I always think that the styles clash too much - and the music. It felt kind of repetitive and generally hard to listen to. There should have been a possibility to turn the music off but keep the sound effects, since I liked the voice.

I was waiting for some massive boss in the final level so I ended up going through the entire thing without using the Redrum. Fun game altogether though.

Fun shooter

You have Processed alot into this game and shows the work you have done with the visuals, and bringsout a sense of entertaining value that i like to see in these types of games, And even some unnecessarily moments but ultimately it was still a fun flash entery and had lots of positive points that i came to enjoy, so keep up with that. Fun shooter game here, the graphics were notbad i like the different backrounds and some reall trippy ones that made for a fun game here, some levels were kind of hard but it was still pretty fun. The biggest or even the smallest projects are not the best ones, but i do like the little things you have done here, Its the little things like this one, that makes a game fun and entertaining, Hope to see more stuff like this from you soon.

You have engineered a good game here there are still some more ways to clean it up, i think i may have a few ideas that could make this into an even more engineered concept full of even more ideas and such

Wow... I just love this game! Great job :)

hmm. I remember seeing a 3D version of this, with the same mechanics and upgrades, DN7 i think.
Almost no change, except for the graphics but fun.

Squize responds:

Yep, almost like I was a bit cheeky and lazy where I just wanted to try out 3D in Flash rather than making a full blown sequel :)