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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Very very nice

couldn't figure out the spike thing but o well.

Too Easy

It was fun, but I found it to be too easy. You should work on making harder difficult levels and make more levels to play.

Great game, but WAY to easy

Loved the game, but the game is WAY to easy.

Beat all the castles on EXTREME difficulty without the enemies getting past the second floor AND without using any spells. It was to easy, I suggest raising the extremely easy difficulty level. Other than that, great game ... I loved it! My favorites to use are the Mud Man, Plants, and the Demon.

Fun and Addicting

Got me playing for a few hours and i made a succesful strategy, put a few demons at the beggining then a few plants at the end (first floor), i used this for easy/normal on all 4 castles usually only 2 (usually hikers) actually got off the first floor so i just had to reinforce the other floors incase, Plants are overpowered :3

Great Game, Few Issues

Awesome game! I love the animation and the different units. I liked that sometimes my strategies just weren't successful and I had to re-work them - it's good when defense games like this are actually a challenge!

A few things I would edit: sometimes I just couldn't push the 'upgrade' button. I'd have to click around and view the monster's stats or upgrade a different monster before I could upgrade one (usually my slimes) that had a star under it. The way the enemy travels in Castle 4 doesn't make much sense; I'm not sure if that's on purpose or what, but it was frustrating that I couldn't, say, make my plant face the other direction if that is the only side the enemy was on on that particular floor.

There are also tons of grammatical errors, but they're sort of adorable and don't get in the way of understanding the game (eep, I hope you can understand my review!). I WOULD change the description on the "corpe," though. The way it's worded implies that the CORPE must kill the enemy to get the bone bonus, when really the corpe make it so that every kill gives bonus bones, no matter which unit does the killing.

Overall though, this game was crazy fun. (: Definitely spent way too much time playing it when I should be doing homework! Thank you!