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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

pretty good

its ok but there arnt enough levls in each area

honest review

plays well, like the concept, animation is good, graphics are cool.
only complaint is my lack of skill in it -.-

Interesting, but not good

The idea of having a verticle tower defense game is interesting, but it left little room for diverse maps or strategies. Also there were just some overall issues that didn't have to do with the gameplay itself that irritated me. Sometimes I would click on the star to upgrade a unit and nothing would pop up. So I'd click spam until it did. And then clicking the up arrow wouldn't always work either. Also not being able to choose which way a unit was facing was troublesome for ranged units on levels with wall. And lastly hovering over the units on the menu didn't tell you what they did. I know there's the screen in the beginning, but most tower defense games have it so when you hover over what you're going to make it tells you what it does.

Could be so much better

Whenever theres too many guys on the screen, it freezes, which means i cant use spells, which lets the quicker guys kill the queen, make a Quality button so i can actually beat hard mode (Which would have been easier if it didn't freeze!)


Serious issue with performance. It slowed to a crawl. I'm on a '07 computer and this may have been an instresting game (for what I played of it it was) but I cant play when you get to a certain point in creatures & heroes it bogs extremly.