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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"


this remind me plants vs zombies

Nice Non-time consuming defence game

Great game, needs variety among the monsters and magic ability's, but great game otherwise! Personal Level designer would add to this game too!

Good but laggy

If this game wasn't so laggy and glitchy it would easily be a 10

awesome game!

i just wish there were more levels, or maybe some gimmick waves later on in some levels to spice things up a bit

pretty good

a job well done.

the simplicity of it all. it was effective. i understood everything i needed with the obvious changes. i liked the defensive units getting bigger and more important looking; it made it nice and clear which ones were upgraded and which were not.
upgrading only damage on units seemed a bit too simple, but then it worked out fine (my fave unit was the basic skeleton with a slime in front of it).
i felt that units which never got to see any action became redundant when anything i ended up leaking was far too tough for them to handle, thus no point in having them. that was a downer (in the end i just starting building from the top towards the entrance of the castle).

all in all it was a good defense game. one of the more promising ones out there.

also, i too couldnt figure out what that corpse on a pole did.