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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Entertaining and challenging

Nice graphics, good music, fun gameplay. Neither too easy nor too hard. The levels are really progressive, and in the end, you barely understand what's happening.
One thing I found anoying : Kamikazes. Their power is really unbalanced compared to other enemies. The game gets tough when they blow up every creature you had in the first floor.
Anyway, good game, really.

pretty amusing

i liked it

I would give this a 10 but some units unclear

I would like to know what the corpse does? I came up with a strategy and most units seem to do very well but I just couldn't figure it out unless it is a unit that gives more "bones" or money?

Its Magic!

It took me more than one hour to pass tru castle 1 I got very mad when those guys started jumping and my princess exploded ( and that happened a lot of times ) but why do I keep playing this game? Because it is FRESH, it is CHALLENGING, and it has a nice learning curve. We dont see much games like this on NG, it deserve way more reviews than some games I better not tell.

Thanks fliptico and please continue to make great games like this!!!

Pretty good

The thing that bugged me was the upgrade window closing after making a selection. There were several points where I was trying to upgrade my last defender and couldn't get it done fast enough to not let people by. So if the window could stay open rather than me having to go back and click the unit again that would be outstanding.

Otherwise the balance seemed very good and I really enjoyed it.