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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

Was going to give a better score

Until those hikers started to hike BEHIND the queen and there is no way to kill them.


I enjoyed this much more than I though I would when I started. I love TD games, and this is a great take on the genre.

The different classes of defender vs. the different types of attackers was great, and I think that the balance was very well done. The theme of the game was great, and I really love how I play as the monsters - the bad guys, it's a very well executed cartoony/morbid sort of thing that works very well. The graphics are simple and fits very nicely, the play control is good, and the music is fitting.

A few suggestions that I have: The attackers look very similar. I realize that you don't have a lot to work with using the size sprites that you do, but I found it very hard to differentiate between several of the classes.

I would have loved a better explanation for the unit types. There's a great variety there, and it's awesome that you give an explanation in the help menu (also fantastic that you can pause and look at those, I did that a lot), but I would love to see maybe an intro level were the abilities and mechanics are explained a bit more thoroughly. For instance, one of the units says that it gives you more 'bones' when it kills. It took me a couple of levels to realize exactly what this unit does. I was placing him entirely in the wrong place until it dawned on me...

I found the spells really too expensive to use except in the direst of situations, which maybe was the idea, but perhaps they could have been made more accessible.

Overall a great game, I genuinely enjoyed playing it. A bit of streamlining and this is a top tier game, no doubt. Thank you very much, and I look forward to the sequel :D


not yoused to killing knights

great game

loved all the different characters and the way they could be upgraded. i too though had a bit of a problem with lag , probably just my p.o.s pc :)

Do want

This is...rather awesome. It's a cool concept, executed wonderfully. However, there is one problem that normal computers may have. Maybe it's just for me, but this lags like a mo-fo if there are more than around 10 enemies on screen, even on lowest quality. That alone has screwed me up more than I care to say >_< The game itself is great though.