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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

only thing

the only thing i would ask for is some kind of reward after beating each castle, it may make the game more dynamic


Awesome gameplay, great graphics, and fun as hell. I think nobody will disagree that this diserves 10 out of 10.


Despite the few issues with the performance which some people already have commented, its a pretty interesting game. I liked the art in general, but some things still need a little work. Some unities were really useless, compared to the price you had to pay for them, like the Dragon. I was expecting some major fire damage to the enemies but it took me years to level it up (once) and I still didn't understand the point of the Corpse. Couldn't see if it gave damage at all to the enemies, the Hive is something else that personally I didn't like. If it's a hive, it should have more than 1 bee attacking (bees don't attack alone), the number of bees could be upgraded. Also, after some point when you can have your unities destroyed, we should be able to buy new upgraded ones, the upgrades could be unlocked, it's really unfair when you get to the last wave with all your unities fully upgraded then destroyed and all you can buy is Lv 1 Skeletons. About the performance, even with the lowest quality it got buggy, and sometimes it's impossible to level up the unities because of the lag, not mentioning impossible to use spells, what costed me a couple lives. One last thing that I think that needs a little re-check is the Hiker. It starts climbing the walls randomly, but its kinda unfair because it comes from behind the Evil Queen or whatever, and I have no unities there, all we can use is spells, but if its laggy at this point, it becomes an impossible task. Maybe some defence spells for her or some extra protection.

Lots of Fun

Really cute concept, good execution, didn't feel overwhelmed by the controls, being able to see info about a unit while moused over them during play would be a nice addition for the future.

nice game but...

I know at the start of each lvl it tells u everything but tbh no-one ever reads the full instructions. So I think that when the monsters can evolve they should do it automaticly cause i dint know they could be evolved and i wondered what the ^up arrow button meant and what the stars below the monsters meant. + If you spice ur graphics up you could have an amazing game! would be even better if you had more extras eg. buying water to make your plants exp go up. great game though :)