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Reviews for "Monster Castle Defense"

fun and cute!

I love the pixels! and the game is really fun, good job! but Is there an endless mode? that would be cool.

Great Game

I absolutely love this game but the only thing that bothered me was the time liit between waves but it was only a minor inconvenience but other than that, it was a great strategy game.

Fun Tower Game

One thing I noticed and I know it isn't my computer, could be the wi-fi but i don't think so, but anyways:
Lag. When there were a lot of knights on the page, the game would freeze up and start up again with the knights already on the next level of the tower which made setting up quick kills impossible.

One of my favorite set ups was Slow=Dragon=Demon
Most useful:
Skeletons or Dragons
Most useless:
Corpse, just never got it working, if it is the best, since its the most $$$, then I would go with the bee/tree

great game

great game though I would like to see more options for monsters

Love this game!

I love how this game has so many different strategies, and so many different combinations of monsters you can use to win! Plus the whole evolution idea is amazing, definatly adds a great way to try a monster to its final evolution, like the dragon, the skeleton or the demon!

Definatly would love to see a another game in the future but until then I'm content with playing this one