Reviews for "Sky Island"

i can see only a white screen...

This is a wonderfully made game game... seems like a generic plarformer when HEY! YOU HAVE TO SLIDE THE WORLD TO GET THERE!

I unfortunately won't play it at the time of this review/comment but I hope you make a sequel to this except you have to shift with up and down and WITH side to side! That's got to screw everybody's sense of logic!

HAH! I love it! It is a fantastic port, but I'm shocked the reviews I've read don't mention Fez at all, I'm just glad there is now a free non-XBLA game like this now, I've been wanting to try 2D-3D for a while, thanks! its fun!

The first seconds of gamplay, everyone thought it was just another pixel-graphics gay platformer.
After a minute or so, I can't stop recommending it to everyone.
The mechanics, the tricks, the flow, everything.
Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

I really enjoyed this game, it has a new twist on the basic platforming genre. I loved that you can change direction mid-air, and that enemies trapped behind blocks are effectively nullified until perspective is changed again! I really like puzzle games, and this is definitely one of the best I've played on Newgrounds!