Reviews for "Sky Island"

Bit reluctant to give this a full 5 star rating, in light of the fact that it's quite cheaply stolen the concept of the notorious yet-to-be-released indie game fez (although some acknowledgement is given in the tags!) But overall, a well designed and programmed game that manages to quite effectively exploit it's core mechanic (although I could imagine a few other ways that could maybe have given the game more depth), with nice pseudo-pixel graphics and serviceable music. This apparently fell under my radar when it came out, and it's only in newgrounds new layout I was able to find it! Shame this did not get a bit more recognition despite the fact that fez's concept is written all over it.

its like an acid trip lol

Started playing the tutorial level and then i click to change perspective and im like wth? I was surprised to see that kind of game mechanic in a flash game xD

great game btw and can't find any real flaws in it.


Great concept and style, I really enjoyed playing this!

Such a Great and Min-Bending Game!!!

I love it!!!!! This is definitely one of the BEST games on NG I've played! Great programming, easy to control, just challenging enough, cool graphics, interesting music, I mean, this is just totally AWESOME! Well done, man; well done!!!!!!!

One of the sites best games!

So well designed, amazing programming, cool graphics and music, this game has it all. This is perfect, I can't think of much if anything to make it better. Well done this is amazing!