Reviews for "Sky Island"

This is awesome!

Although it bothered me that the music sounded almost too familiar...
...probably just me.

Played so much FF that the usic may bear some resemblance of some sea port towns.

You definitely made a unique game here. The first seconds of the game are genuinely deceptive. Any gamer will think this is another "Mario Bro" style game with an artistic style. When the 3D element was introduced, I was really impressed. What a fantastic way of putting a new spin on platforming puzzles.
Great job sir!

When i started i thought to myself "Oh looks cute! and kept playing" then i noticed the 3d part and WOW Its really incredible!!! :D :D

Good game, nice 2D and 3D, reminded me "Othor Robot" from stabyourself.net

Nice 2D and 3D combinations and awesome graphics....its just that.... uhmmm.... hope that the controls you made is just the W,A,S,D instead of the directional buttons so it could be more perspective for the mouse controls.... good job anyway 5 stars!!!