Reviews for "Sky Island"

Unique, but hurts my head...not because of the new perspective, but the fact that it doesn't make sense. By shifting the level, we have to change from 2D to 3D to 2D again, naturally, humans try to move sideways when this happens, but no, the point of changing perspectives is to simply look at another side of the obstacle and changing the shape, basically, it's like clicking on the obstacle and it changes shape, nothing to do with the perspective thing. But to make it even more confusing, instead of just continuesly clicking on the block until we good one, but it's hard to do here because lots of shapes are impossible to form because the character is in the way, or it's top view. Would love to play this game, but I'm afraid it'll fuck my sense of logic.
Props to you for creating these levels.

BEGINING:me: owww another jeneric plataformer :c
3d sighn:me:holly mindfuck!!!! :D

I like the perspective play, makes it very unique for a platformer.

i don't have time for ANOTHER plat former but this is really quality. Everything is really smooth and good looking!

amazing concept