Reviews for "Sky Island"

This made mo soooooooo trippy.

I honestly can say, I hate timed video games.

Alright, to be honest it is utterly pointless and very unsatisfying to even try to compete in games like this, especially ones where your performance is hard to determine. Sure you give us a score, but nothing directly to accomplish and also...why the timer? I mean, the game itself already tests our ability to think with dimensions looking for items and such and adds a new element to puzzle solving, but the timer just made the game far more hectic then it should be, making me feel compelled to complete under a certain time lapse. And with the design, you really do need time to think.

Taking a completionist game and then adding a timer is terrible, all it causes is frustration because you are given an option: You can go with a really good time or find all the shit on the map.

The graphic quality was great and so was the fun little quirky environment, but when games have the same in-game music as they do in the title sequence you know exactly how repetitive this game is going to become. Sure the puzzles progress in difficulty or interest, but in full honesty the background is blatant being the sky and the platforms are rather too simple. Music was somewhat fitting I suppose, but really just blends in with everything else making this game something that numbs the senses while also causing annoyances at the same time.

1.5/5 stars, 1/5.

Don't take this rating too harshly, some dynamics early on would be delightful along with the removal of a timer, these are unnecessary things added to games to make us feel like we are being rushed...and games like this should fit the ambiance and relax you. I hope you take all things into consideration.


Neutronized responds:

The time just counts as bonus. Even if you run out of time you can keep playing.
However I acknowledge that the timer ticking on the hud is a bit misleading. Thanks for playing!

Le game: click and drag to find a new perspective

Le me: *gasp* what is this witchcraft??????

but awesome game nonetheless

wow, you truly have some mad level design skills!

I'll be honest. This is a great game. But the problem is it's not original. It shares just too many characteristics with stabyourself.net's orthorobot. It seems like a copy of it just brightened up. If I'm mistaken and it is completely original, than I'm sorry and should rate it five stars.