Reviews for "Sky Island"

This my friend, is amazing.

I'm not sure if an idea like this has been executed, but I must give you props for the concept. If you can find a way to turn this into an online multiplayer with a level maker, you might just make the next best game!

I myself would've chosen a darker setting that would appeal to us older people, the current theme gives me the impression that its a "childs" game, but I can't count you down for that.
Great Work!


With better controls, a little more effort on artwork and a storyline, I can seriously see this as a succesful stand alone game!

Tomba! and Super Mario meet!

Fun! this is what I want on my XBox360!

This isn't my game...

This isn't my type of game, but I'm a fair reviewer, so I'll review for the viewers of the review, not my own thoughts on the game type.
The gameplay was fun but kind of annoying. I got tired of dragging my mouse across the screen so much. I like to always have my hands on the key board in a platformer. Sorry, but a simple turn button would be. This isn't the Nintendo DS, you shouldn't act like this is a touch screen. However, this could make a great replacement for Kirby. Overall game gets an 8.7. good work.

well needed change

I've played quite a few platforming games as of late and most of them all seemed to be the same thing just with different art work etc. but this was the best change in style i've seen in a long time. thank you and please continue to make more games. perspective mode is a genius concept that was executed flawlessly here. As many others have stated this would make an excellent ds or other console game.