Reviews for "Sky Island"

Very interesting game. I like the concept of having to work in multiple two-dimensional projections of three-dimensional space, and you've implemented it quite nicely here.
Great work!

Great looking and fun game. Maybe a shift perspective key instead of using the mouse?
Cool beans.

Is people really that dumb? Guys, check the uploaded date. It says: APRIL 4, 2011. YOU DUMBASSES!. Also, cool game. It looks like the Fez mechanic :P

Didn't you noticed that the guy who posted this game "a year ago or so" is Neutronize?
YOU should die in a fire, asshole, this game was posted in April 2011

Nice, game, anyway!

Great game, but when moving the viewpoint around with the camera it is a bit laggy and can make you a little dizzy at the same time, but still addicting and fun.