Reviews for "Sky Island"


What the.....
ain't seein that often
great job with the coding

Great concept...

...-But AWEFULLY Boring

I liked the mechanics, but MY GOD it gets boring after the first 4 levels. It's waaaaay too slow paced, and the fact that you have to turn the screen up to 4 different times to make it fit EVERYTIME you have to move.

As stated, good mechanics and concept, but AWEFULLY in the long (and short...) run.

Im lazy

Love the mechanics of this game although it gets annoying dragging the mouse (but that's just me being lazy)
overall it is fun


W T H this is an awesome game and it got ONLY 3rd PLACE? It's awesome. <3 IT


Good is a revolutionary idea but I think this idea Reinvent who was Nitrome or maybe Adult Swim ..

Well the game is cool the way they taste Graphics, Gameplay good ...

Too bad it has no medals = /