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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"


I don't remember that victim family on Kakariko village. i seen them on majora's mask (btw didn't the mummy's messed with the dad's brain sense he was all bandaged up?). i do agree with wegra there was never any redead in the town although there is some ghosts (poes i think) under graves when you open it.
you should do another horror about a ghost try to manipulate a person to kill (like on windwaker except they reverse your controls)

its pretty great just the animation need a little more practice :D

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for the review, I do try :) Maybe someday you'll be able to animate your ideas as well.

Great storyline WEAK animation

Now normally I'm a person who looks for both a great story and animation. And you know sometimes animation isn't everything as long as you got a good story but the animation for this was a HUGE turnoff but that's not to say has a TON of potential.

It does make you wonder why the undead never awoken in Kakariko village especially since the evil of the Shadow Temple is like RIGHT IN THE TOWN. I always would imagine like the parents warning them DON'T GO TO THE GRAVEYARD at night. But I digress.

Very creepy movie and actually sad how the little girl from MM loses her puppy, her mom and her dad is in a mental institution(?) and is it me or does the bear have some kind of foreshadowing going on...Hmmm.

That said I can't wait for the sequel.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks Wegra, I'm really happy to get a review from you actually. I will rev up my animation for the sequel definitely. Nice that you pointed that out what really inspired me in the first place. How can a place like the shadow temple not have any influence of evil on its surrounding village? haha

Thanks for the review :)


I loved this part in Majora's Mask - don't get me wrong, it's sad, for sure... but I love the story of it, as I do love the whole Zelda saga...

Nicely done animation. I'm sad to read there probably won't be a sequel, but, well, it's your animation, your opinion.



Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for the review Guy, actually I am considering the idea of a sequel or a possible branching in to another part of the Zelda Universe


story was a tad lacking, but I like how you combined the elements of a ReDead with normal zombies, then added that with the Majora's Mask concept! In my opinion, the sequel should explain how gibdos come to surround the house. Tough, sure, but I'm sure you can handle it!

Eastbeast responds:

I am glad you liked the flash and its elements, be sure to check out my other stuff too :) Also thanks for the advice on my next project

Not bad

The sound effects where quite average, the animation was quite an improvement though, 6/10 because it was mildly entertaining.

Eastbeast responds:

Thx hopefully it will be above average next time ;) thanks for the review