Reviews for "Bio Assault"

I don't understand

This games was great, I don't see what people are crying about. I beat it without dying once. The upgrades were fine and after awhile I stopped caring what I even got. You just need to dodge and see the patterns that the bosses shoot in. Rush for the wep upgrade that increases and spreads your range. After that sit back and dodge ftw.


Dude I took the time to really analyze everything you put into here and it find everything just right. The difficulty, the upgrades, the health and power ups placement. I didn't find it too easy or too hard.

How anyone found it impossible is beyond me, I mean if you have to cheat at the game and still can't win, you just suck at games; period.

Great game. Great great game.


It was a bit on the easy size. Still enjoyable, but could use a bump in difficulty. Other than that, it's a pretty well polished game all around. Liked the graphics, music and upgrade system, also collecting bytes reminded me a lot of Geometry Wars, which is good in my book. Only real problem was the ship size, which was just a tad to big.
Anyway, good job. :)

I dunno what crack the other reviewers are smoking

It's not easy. It's retarded difficult, but more than that, it's unintuitive. Generally when there's a magnetic element to the game, it's a 360 degree shooter, where the enemies come from all directions and there's less bullet hell to worry about. Difference being, in a top-down shooter it's always better to be at the bottom of the screen, but in this game you can't; you don't earn any money, you have to go and wander up near where the enemies come from. That's a horrible idea in a top-down shooter. If you kill something, either the money should float down to the bottom of the screen or it should automatically be collected as the enemies die. That's how things work in top-down shooters for a reason: It's the best way to do it. As it stands, you're forcing the player into a more dangerous situation where he will die. You're encouraging scumming, just purposely dying over and over again and scrounging up what little he can get before he kicks the bucket so he can afford more upgrades and survive that much longer and earn that much more, without ever really caring if he makes it to the next level. That's bad game design. The main gun is all but useless in everything except maybe boss fights, but even then the minions might be more effective there.


How many projectiles need to be on the screen at once? You're such a huge target that it's practically impossible to dodge half the shots that are fired at you.