Reviews for "Bio Assault"

Its fun, but...

Its just a bit to short and way to easy. I only died once, but that was because i didnt had the right waepon on. And you can get the upgrades way to easy. I hope to see more, but make it more challenging plz!

Pretty cool

Decent game, if a little easy.

One remark though, is that minions should be a lot smaller, and a different color.
On boss fights they really get in the way of dodging bullets.

Great game,

However I faced a bug on level 11 where the enemy ships don't spawn and instead spawn at the left side of the screen where I cant hit them and the game was endless.


i would give it a higher rating but the flashes that happen when you get hit temporarily make it impossible to see other incoming missiles


this is a really good game, got through half of it befor i relized i wasend loggen in...looking forward to playing it another hour!

@anton, there where specials?