Reviews for "Bio Assault"

Easy?? hardest game ever!!!

the fifth level is impossible to beat. Literally thousands of missiles and bullets fly at you and there is no way around it. Pulled out Cheat Engine, bought everything, and barely beat it. level 6 is another story. Literally seriously hundreds of missiles shoot out of most enemies.

It was ok

Your generic shoot-up space games but nevertheless entertaining.

My only concern was the abundance of health received on each level. If you would add a hard mode as well as a storyline for the sequel that would be great.

All and all, good game.


Its a good game. i can't think of really anything other than pretty much what everyone says below me its too easy. The truth is it is . But that is no reason to play it, hopefully a sequel would be made i would truly love one

It's pretty good

One thing that nearly ruined it for me is that your minions are the same color as your ship. It's really disorienting trying to follow your green ship while two other green ships are buzzing around. Change their color and it'll be much easier to focus.

nice game....

but way to easy...
great grafix and good sound
thumbs up

make it longer, harder and add more cool weapons i give you 10 points ;D