Reviews for "Bio Assault"

Good, but...

The drones make it hard to dodge bullets and properly aim/shoot at enemies simultaeneously. They keep going around in a circle, hardly doing anything, and since they are the same color as the ship, while my eyes are looking at the enemy ships so I know where to shoot, those little annoying useless pieces of crap keep flying around, disorientating my sight of my own ship, which has a spot reserved in the off focus of my eye, but the drones are screwing up that reserve. Worse, I can't take the drones off. Please make it possible to UNselect drones, would make the game a lot better.


maybe you have a difficulty bug that would explain why some people say its too hard and others say its too easy, if it doesnt maybe you should put a difficulty toggle or tips where you want them also what kontrur says makes sense maybe you should out a computer speed advertisement on starting page or remove some details that will go unnoticed

I hate these guns

Why on earth would whoever created these ships put in guns that fire in random directions? It's annoying and it's stupid - that is, without a doubt, the worst thing about this game and since this game is a shmup that is a very big problem indeed.

Everything else is varying degrees of fine and average. But those guns. Please, dear God, change the guns to shoot straight or at least in the same direction every time.

Good, but has technical issues

I experienced a little bit of lagging, which by itself would not have been a problem. However, it seems to me that, when the game slows down, the enemies move more slowly but their rate of fire does not change, which results in the level getting filled up with bullets. After dying about 20 times somewhere around level 7, I reduced the quality to low and turned off the music, and suddenly the difficulty went from just plain unbeatable to too easy. That's probably the reason the other reviewers cannot agree about how difficult this game is.
Appart from that, I found this game really well made. The only other thing I didn't like was the controls. I always prefer keyboard controls for shmups, though that might be just me.


Not the greatest TDS I've ever played, but decent. The pace was frantic, as it should be. My only problem is that before you can get damage upgrades, you really are met with an impenatrable wall at times. Only by taking them out as soon as they get on screen is this avoided, which means a lot of people who didn't upgrade their damage right away are going to be very frustrated. All in all it was diffucult, but not impossible.