Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Wait, what?

The 'theme' is 'Lions shooting evil bugs' when it's 'bug shooting other bugs'
And plus when I play, I have to hold space to collect any corpses and it's annoying and now my thumb hurts from mashing it. Maybe just have to press space instead of hold it? Was also pretty short.

MrRandomist responds:

yeah we just like to use dirty tricks so we can make a stronger gameplay...
we didnt like lions and tried to push that out of the way as much as possible, we just wanted bugs!

wasnt toooo bad

wish everything wasnt just black and white,hard to tell if a bug is eating your hill when there are corpses piled up,and this was way to short i wouldve liked to play more

MrRandomist responds:

so you wanted more, but didnt like it too much....

Brilliant, but a little buggy. (no pun intended)

Loved the art design, gameplay and music.

Small bug that when you hit A sometimes it would get stuck and keep you going left until you hit it again.

Also I accidentally skipped the ending screen because I was still shooting and clicking restarted the game. Fix it.

MrRandomist responds:

D: but.....

Loved The Game, Newgrounds!

Hey, loved the game but I think the only thing missing are medals so I can brag that I enjoyed the game to its fullest, newgrounds is dropping the ball on this one.

Loved Everything About It, hope you add more mutations and we can fly eventually.

MrRandomist responds:

well there are medals! you just didnt exactly play very long to collect any....
(although they havent been approved yet so they dont show up on here they are just 0 points atm)

I love it BUT

I do not like the fact that it ends, I crave more mutation uprades and more enemies!

Otherwise I must say this game has really interested me and I like your idea of a bug defence game.

MrRandomist responds:

well pm kembry and ask him for a sequel (he doesnt want one)