Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


I like what we did.
We worked a lot and this was time when I understood how bad is pc for a human being.
Also, I like it, you know that still there is some things to add and take off or I could say- update.
But I like it, even I was really angry about defense game idea.
Thanks for everything.

MrRandomist responds:

Fucking Bugs.

Neat visually an conceptually

As others have said the balance is what kills it; the flying bugs should be the easy ones to kill (cause they're hard to hit) and the ground bugs could be a little tougher. Didn't make it past level 5.

MrRandomist responds:

we did adjust it slightly, and we will continue to do so, thank you for your feedback!


i like the art style, but the gameplay as of now is really imbalanced. the ground insects are too easy to take on, the flying insects are too hardy. need to balance that. otherwise, good job.

MrRandomist responds:

we balanced it more, and we will keep trying to do so based on feedback!


Well, it delivers what it promises. But it's not the most fair game in the universe.

For starters you can simply shoot straight left or right to kill every single ground bug that comes from either direction. The only reason you have to leave the nest is to eat. However almost no matter what you do your nest's health will run low or out completely by wave 5 simply because of the flying insects alone. Not only are they too fast to shoot out of the air, but they have enough health to take out a sizable portion of your nest even as you shoot them down.

It's quite frustrating to be shooting as soon as possible at one and still see it cost your nest near a third of it's life.

MrRandomist responds:

we will be making gameplay adjustments most likely in the next few days, we tried to to tweak it as much as possible in the few minutes we had to do so before time was up.