Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

defs fun

definately fun, but i was about to get the "end" mutation by killing and eating some big ass bug, but then it froze on the screen on the nest after i THINK i killed the big bug... so i dunno lol. i'll try again in a day or two, but we'll see

MrRandomist responds:

yes, atm you have to kill it before it reaches the hive, we are waiting approval for the update! (should be 24/48hrs!

Froze at level 10

Couldn't move or anything... none of the enemy bugs were moving either...

otherwise great game

MrRandomist responds:

yes its a glitch in the games code, we updated the game and you should be able to play hassle free in 24/48hrs

quite fun

There are a few glitches here and there but then again this game was made in 72 hours, what do you expect. I especially liked the music and how it fit the monochrome mood of the game. For the people who don't like the music maybe a mute or volume control would be a good idea. That and the skip button in the comic strip intro could stand out more. I'll be waiting for a sequel.
P.S. what's with the lightbulb sign?

MrRandomist responds:

light bulb = idea :)

Cool game

Simple but fun. the end was kinda glitched. suddenly zoomed in on the pile and froze. This is the second time this has done it.

MrRandomist responds:

we have updated the game and are waiting 24/48 hours for the update to be live!

its good but

people who make games and don't make a pause button are evil

MrRandomist responds:

too true >:)