Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


Eating took to long, later in game I died quickly no shure if I dident eat enofe or if the boss was just to hard.

MrRandomist responds:

well your not very good then are you.


i like it its funny.

MrRandomist responds:

funny is good.

nice but

i think that it is too slow,i give you 9,because it is very cool but too slow and there is no evolution choice,you must make another game like this but longer ,the graphics is good,the music too,but it will be nice if i can choose what bug i will become!

MrRandomist responds:

its definitely something id love to add but thats just a mere wishlist.
but choosing to go from say a worm, to a bug in one swoop would be lame.


fucking bugs fucking lag

MrRandomist responds:

fucking out dated flash player, fucking slow computers.

raise this game up!!!!!

first of all the music is fricken great, then when i get into the game i am finding that slowly other larvae and bugs want what i have and it's war...survival of the fittest!! The only thing to do is become more badass as I eat the carcasses of my victories...10/10 buddy......the only thing i really can say a far as improvements is that maybe you can set it up so that the screen becomes a little bigger....it pains me that i can't hit he enlarge icon

MrRandomist responds:

mmm....it was a tough decision during the early dev phase to make a smaller screen but we had to do this to get the concept right, maybe next time it will be bigger?