Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

pretty good

the game play is good but it felt repetetive

MrRandomist responds:

but it was good and thats the main thing!


wHat A Great gAme!!! i got addicted to it i played it 6 times!!! i died mostly cuz its my laptop is touch any way great game!

PS i got like four medals but theres none at the bottom of the screen whats up with that?

MrRandomist responds:

they havent been approved yet....

Wow! just. wow

I got really surprised how fun this game was, I actually got sad when I won the game! xD I wanted to see all the upgrades, so yeah! GOOD JOB MAN! 10/10

ps, a sequal would be awesome

MrRandomist responds:

if you really want a sequel PM kembry and convince him ;)

Good work.

Although it's not perfect you did a great job with this game. The graphics are a little on the down side, but overall a good start. Game play was fun and intense at times, very easy to evolve (upgrade) and we should be able to choose from a selection of upgrades.

Good work and keep at it.

MrRandomist responds:

such as attack, defense or speed....that would be cool, but of course too hard right now....nag kembry for a sequel....

I liked it but...

When it was over it felt like things were JUST picking up.

MrRandomist responds:

well i guess longer is better?