Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Fucking bugs!"

I kept losing, when I tried to eat a bug I losed health, I've never passed first mutation.

Till I understood that I was suposed to defend the big mountain at the center

I don't like that you can't fly

And I thought you said WASD was for persons that didn't like AC/DC

MrRandomist responds:



whoa, no joking dude i think this is the best game ive played this year yet. 1 of the best to ever be on ng!

MrRandomist responds:

thanks, if you want a sequel just pm kembry (he doesnt want one)


this is awesome

MrRandomist responds:

thanks fuckingbestgames133 you should know ;)

you should add medals

medals always creates more popularity so u should add em

MrRandomist responds:

we did....but thanks for the 10......
(they arent approved though nothing we can do about but wait)
but you can still collect them....


this game is so much fun! i love it! could you make a second one?

MrRandomist responds:

PM kembry and convince him ;)