Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"


not a very special game but worth a play


That was fast.

MrRandomist responds:

it was, short and sweet.

not too bad...

till the very ending the game was very easy. the last boss would have been much harder if i was not standing right next to the entrance where it entered. B/W was fitting for the game. music played well into the game as a whole.

a few points where i would have liked to seen improvement (i understand this was a 72 challenge, and in that respect the game is a good game)

1 .choices of what to evolve into (flight of multi shot)

2. a bit bigger (either you defend for x time, then move to a new area, or when you evolve, you change to another level)

enjoyed the medals tossed into the game. 8/10 and 4/5 overall! good game! great for the time constraints.

MrRandomist responds:

we would have loved to have expanded the game into this crazy awesome game, with the stuff mentioned above, maybe one day?

Fun yet hard

Well I found this game to be fun yet very difficult as well for me when I played it. Thought I would have been a lion but nope I'm just a bug trying to survive the game which was cool.

The graphics were pretty sweet and nicely worked out I think. The bugs in the background kind of remind me of MissingNo. from Pokemon as well. Great imagery though.

The gameplay was simple yet hard as I move with arrows, aim with mouse, and shoot by right clicking. Fun.

Music was actually quite fitting for this piece I think, great!!

Overall, good game.

MrRandomist responds:

Thanks glad you liked it!

Fun game

ok so this one was cool, and i really like how you added alot of medals, medals always seems to make for a better game but you did add a good amount and some ok variaty in there so nice job on that aspect of stuff, really nice work here, Took a little while to load up but it was ok, I love the {COMIC-STRIP} style at the start that was pretty nifty, so nice job there, and great music aswell, very fitting for the gameplay, The idea was pretty good and it was an overall fun game, some {COLOR} would have been nice added to the black and white style just a bit here and there wouldnt hurt, but other then that it was a fun little game, so nice job on this one.

Add some color as mentioned above

Fun game nice gameplay


MrRandomist responds:

theres red, thats the dab of colour otherwise its black and white which is part of the style...
otherwise thanks!