Reviews for "Fucking Bugs"

Simple, yet very addictive, and fun.

I thought it was interesting when I saw it, then I played it, and became addicted, lol. You should make this into an entire ongoing game people can buy and play on their pc's, with new levels, mutations, and options like being able to build a small little backup force.

MrRandomist responds:

this would probably never become a purchasable game, maybe a bigger better game in an extended version. but you'd have to pm kembry and convince him!

Sweet game!

This was a really cool game because I just had so much freedom to go around and do whatever I wanted. It helps that it was really easy. You just have to keep on firing at the enemies and the powerups are great! I was thinking I might have lost at the end because it seemed too easy to win like that. What can I complain about getting medals? Even if the game was easy, there are always more medals for me to go on and get.

The music was pretty standard too. I was thinking that at the end you would evolve into a mammal of some sort. It seemed to be more like a really big bug at the end. At least you did not have much idea what was going to happen next, be it enemies or what you would turn into. I am glad I got back to this for the third NG game jam.

MrRandomist responds:

thanks, the game wasn't play tested much during concept and we didnt have much time to keep going....what we have here is pretty much it we had the idea to evolve as a bug which was what our theme was (although the lions where kinda put to the side).....if we did a part 2 or a sequel of some sort it would be great to keep the evolution cycle going into these hideous looking mammals.

thanks for the extensive review.

in 3d

fun to play to kill time

MrRandomist responds:

thanks glad you liked it!



MrRandomist responds:



it should be longer it takes like 10 minutes to beat

MrRandomist responds:

think of it as 10 minutes of awesome!