Reviews for "Luminiscense"

Very nice :3

Wow, I loved it. I was literally on the edge of my seat, yelling at my computer screen towards the end there. None of it was expected, which is sometimes a nice change. Oh, and the sepia-ish colors made it that much more phenomenal :D Oh, but unfortunately, I found the guy's voice didn't quite fit him. I imagined it a little higher pitched before he started talking. And, when he yelled for the girl, his expression wasn't quite as dramatic as it would have been in real life. Sometimes exaggeration is nice. Other than those minor details, a very well thought out animation. :D

Suddenly it was 1940 in France

And I seriously just knew exactly what was going to happen. I was looking for maybe non hisorical piece that took a look at love as a timeless thing alongside human tragedy, etc.

Idk, I liked it, I just, didnt want it to be in 1940's france. The outcome became too obvious. It was still a very well done, very solid piece.


This is a great piece of work. The only piece of criticsm i have is regarding to the hats and the hair they just didn't look right to me. i loved it none the less

it so cool

this is how war work it kill's all the love we have, the Demon's of war will not stop till it all Gone. but good anime 10/10

that was really sad

good job with the animation it was great and i wish i could give you a better rating 20/10