Reviews for "Luminiscense"


this is so sad this is why the world should live in peace so people live in harmony and so we all dont have to go into war so even more people dont have to die .honestly and truley this was a great animation i loved it

Simply beautiful.

That was just amazing. I knew it would not end well when i saw France 1940 though and it was truly sad. It makes one think about war in ways people do not usually think of it. They thought they were just going to have another day and then the germans invaded. I hae noticed that when a lot of people think of war now they will think of soldiers v.s. soldiers but you showed the truth of a civilian territory being bombed and also how one will not always know that it is coming. The music and art was amazing. All in all i am saddened that there is not more stars to rate this with. 15/10

That was sad

She was so right though, in that conversation.


The only bit that confuses me is the fact that they germans are bombing an empty field, one could argue to destroy the food but you would think the town would be the bigger target here.


This makes me wanna say fuck war!