Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

this game........

need the whole renaissance to be one of the greatest games of all times! hoping for a squeal. brillant

Brilliant game

There was a problem with one of the medals I got every single painting and I didn't get the medal is that a glitch or something?

Excelent game!

This is so amusing,and if I may say,educational.The rddles aren't too hard,which makes this game even better!Great job on everything!

i love this game

but the connecting to newgrounds thing keeps me from clicking the pointers face

head hurts a bit...

Never though a game on Newgrounds could appeal to both my inner history buff and gamer at the same time a sequel would be more then welcome though we all understand the time it took just for this

mrty responds:

To tell you the truth, I'm surprised about all these people asking for a sequel. To make things clear, I *am* thinking of a sequel, I'm just indecisive about whether it should be another Renaissance game, or a different period such as Baroque.

Although I lean towards another Renaissance game, since that period is no doubt the most popular and well-known, I don't see how I can find paintings that already haven't been used in this game (ones suitable for riddles, anyway). I used a lot of sources and tried making riddles with about %90 of the paintings there. It won't be easy finding more sources.

However, even if I do decide on a sequel, the period between deciding and making is really long for me... This game took exactly a year and I doubt a sequel will be made more quickly.