Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"


I've been playing this since you released this...it was very enjoyable and knowledge does really pay off..


I like this game a lot it was hard and easy sort of for me because most of the riddles were very easy but when it came to the hard ones it led to me having negative points.This game is interesting and good.I learned some things from thi game but some i already knew which is sort of a advantage for solving the riddles


Not only is it entertaining, but I learned a thing or two as well.

Highly Entertaining

I found myself actually going through the gallery and reading the information through each paintings. It was really amazing and informative and I'm glad someone brang this kind of thing to newgrounds. Thanks again

Both Challenging + Enlightening

This "Game" is both challenging and enlightening; a good example of how learning can be fun and interesting. Really well thought-out and put together.

mrty responds:

Thank you. But why is "Game" in scare quotes?