Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

very good game

infact im addicted to it

needs a mute button do

Not a Fan

It's an interesting concept, but I found a lot of the riddles to not make much sense (even after having solved it). And some of the ones that did make sense were more history questions or hidden objects than riddles.

Also, it's not a good idea to tell people how to rate. Of course you're going to lose points for bugs and glitches. We're rating based on what you submitted and placed before us, not what you intended it to be.

mrty responds:

So many people seem to be misunderstanding me... What I meant in the commentary was that I hated it when people wasted their reviews on single sentences like "lololol awesome" or "medals dont work". Many people don't know the difference between a comment and a review, that's what I was complaining about. Of course I'm going to take negative criticism.

You know what, I'm going to delete that paragraph in the commentary right now...


the only annoying thing was the sound you get when you click the wrong thing but otherwise amazing and whats the name of the first song O_O

mrty responds:

I think that song was removed from the audio portal, and that's why I couldn't credit it (although it's listed in the credits). It's "Sands of Saharah" by Wooormy.

Very impressed.

I enjoy riddles with old time pictures; kind of like assassins creed does. It's always fun to solve riddles like this. I did pretty good my first play through; because I had crazy deja-vu and it felt like I had seen the pictures before.


Really great way of making young people familiar with the old painters and their underlying meanings. It's fun to play and educational at the same time, a combination that's pretty tough to reach.