Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

Awesome game love the naked photo of women. haha!

Good stuff.

Something different, challenging, well-presented. My only complaint is that there's not much replay value since there's only one path through the game, but I guess that's what sequels are for.

Well done.

good game but

The music creeped me out ;/

mrty responds:

I'm sorry, I was going to add a mute button but decided against it afterwards, only to regret it when I saw the reviews. If I make a sequel, be assured there'll be a mute button. Thanks for playing.

I love this game!

I'm not really sure about the whole egg crossing the road thing and I'm fairly certain you can't get the perfect score medal, but this game is fun and it's not too hard. A tip for the sequel: Fun can be had with sculptures too!

mrty responds:

You can only get the perfect score when you play on the easiest mode. This is because on the harder modes, your score will be deducted a little according to the time you took.

I actually thought about sculptures but didn't see much of a riddle material in them. But if I make a sequel, I'll reconsider. Thanks for playing!

great game

you should definatly make a sequel