Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

With a spelling mistake in the picture 51 of Gallery. It shall be Paradise instead of Paradies. Nice game, however. Thank you!

I study art history myself, so this was a greatly entertaining game. It amazes me everytime just how methodical and skilled the Renaissance painters truly were, and I think you captured that essence not just through the works you chose but also the music.

It would be great seeing a sequel sometime... maybe try tackling Baroque art? :)

OMG AVGN MEDAL!!!!!!! totally worth it

This game makes my arm tire as hell! This game is pure awesome with the art and music and medals of pure tiredness ( I can't feel my hand) and I hope you make a second one of this masterpiece!!!

P.S. Second place of this year!!!

Excellent choice of paintings. That is what makes this game unique. I love paintings and could recognize some of them. I can't wait to play a sequel of this game. I hate it when a painting catches my eye and I don't even know it's title or painter so it was great that you added information about the paintings. But no game is perfect. I encountered some problems.

1. I have unlocked all 58 paintings but the counter in the gallery says 56/58. I counted and viewed each one of them but When I saved my file it says "Paintings unlocked: 58" and had to load it to see if it were true and that was only when the error got corrected.
2. I only entered the gallery after I completed the game without hints and mistakes. Because of the bug in number 1 I have to refresh the page and load my file to get the "Art Historian" medal.
3. The description of the paintings flashes when you proceed to the next page when viewing the gallery while there are still no paintings available.
4. Page 43 of the gallery does not have a ??? painting.
5. Due to low resolution sometimes it is hard to see/recognize the details of the painting which are needed to solve the riddle.
6. Some hints are not hints. They just point you directly to the answer.
7. Also, wouldn't it be nice to give a link to the credits on the main menu? You have to play the whole game just to get to the credits.

Nevertheless, this game is good and I find myself playing and viewing the paintings over and over again. When making a game do not rush things. It is better to show your best than to prove what you can do in a short time.


mrty responds:

One of the purposes of this game is to appreciate art history, so I'm glad I succeeded!

I'm aware of the glitches but thanks for pointing them out anyway. It's been one and a half year since I finished this game and only now do I realize how flawed it is. However, if I make a sequel, be assured it will be "new and improved"!