Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

love it

make a sequel


Will there be a sequel?

impossible 300

Es casi imposible sacar los 300 puntos... es un muy buen juego!!

mrty responds:

Please speak English so that I don't have to use Google translator to figure out what you're trying to say. Not to mention, I might not always figure out what language you're speaking, to begin with.

No, it's not impossible. Remember that on harder difficulties, your time deducts your score. The only way to get 300 points is to play on the easiest difficulty and without any mistakes or hints.

Thank you for the review.

Please a Second..

Really i Fucking loved this game. This is a game that you have to Really think and by that i mean Really REALLY Think.

10/10 Stars

cool and hard

Very fun, but i can't get passed 26 lol 10/10 5/5.

mrty responds:

You can find a walkthrough on this website, but I suggest you think twice before searching for one. I sincerely believe walkthroughs should only be used when the player is REALLY stuck.