Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"


A great game. It is a nice challenge when you play it the first time,in which it makes you think.But after that it gets quite repetitive.The scoreboards are a waste of time because there is only a certain score you can get in the game. And not to mention people have already gotten impossible to reach scores.The medals are good,but after you beat the game once,they are really easy to get.Overall a great game,but lacking in the replayablility

That was an amazing experience!

I should say very interesting
but because my comp is not so vast , i may say that sometie i have to watch the painting in other fenĂȘtre of internet more flourish in detail
And i do love to contemplete richness painting solving riddles , it's a very pleasant!

great game! one question though: what's the song called with the venus painting? the one with the dog?