Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

like it

its like dungeons and dragons and pokemon rolled into one. The game was relatively simple enough. You can imply tactics once you get at least 3 of the abilities, and for the final boss, used just 2 which saved me alot (the one where you can re-roll your dice).

I reckon if you made another one with a deep story plot, would work really really well. Nice one.

nice game

wish i could see the dice being shaken, or more dice animation. or more interaction with the dice

Spoiler Alert

After you finally defeat the boss, there is a very crappy ending, so dont waste your time on finding a cool ending and you getting out of the dungeon there is no exit...... sort of makes me wonder why i wasted my time on this game..... anyways, the dices are sorta rigged, after you get a high number just tap the roll button and you'll most likely get the high number again or higer......

Afro-Ninja responds:

the dice rolls are random each time, tapping it wont change anything

Good Game

The game is good, very fun and interesting. I have all the medals and i thing is GG :D


this game fucking rocks