Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


i gave you 10 for tow reasons
1 because you are cool
2 otherwise some strange guy will send me an email telling me to delet my review and i think that is tottaly fascist!!!!!

Great Concept Skillfully Delivered

Pro: new spells, cool monsters.
Con: no ending, multiple ties, short, mostly random interactions (so not much for the player to do except repeatedly press "roll").
Suggestions: more MP (so the player can use their spells through a 30-round encounter), ability to repeat fights in order to level up stats, more dice-tampering abilities (so as to add an element of strategy), how about each die against each enemy die?
Review: While the dice-rolling is random, certain powers (+2 and re-rolling) shift the odds enough in the players favor that the player can beat the dungeon. It's a cool idea, skillfully delivered, and it could certainly be taken to another level in its next incarnation. Great job!

Loved it!

The battle system was simple and a player in a rush could just mash the button to win, but those small flaws wee more than made up for by the best ending in a game since Portal! Truly this is a work of genius.

my ending!

the ending says to make up an ending soooo....i came up with this.....(the player thin finds an exit and runs out but the second you step foot out side a dragon eats you for you walked into its mouth thinking it was an exit....you retard)

after i lost my MP

i just clicked ok.......and its pretty short for an Afro-Ninja game